At the Heartful Wellness Centre, we are here to help and empower you on your journey to optimal health. To do that, your initial visit usually begins with an intensive information-gathering session. Based on the information gathered, we may recommend a number of specialized assessments to enhance our investigation.

We begin by getting to know you..

Information Gathering Session

As part of our initial 2-hour comprehensive assessment, we learn about your medical history, medications, diet, symptoms, previous bloodwork and test results, job history, history of stressful events, exposure to potential toxicities, and lifestyle – through questionnaires and interviews.

And we want to know about your health goals, so we can properly assess you and formulate thorough testing and treatment plans.

 …and assessing carefully before treating.

Live Blood Cell Analysis

Live blood cell analysis helps to remove a lot of guesswork. Analysis can detail your nutritional status, give early warnings about possible problems and monitor improvements as you make changes.

How does it work? Our technician will examine your fresh sample through a high-powered microscope. Written and verbal results, and a discussion of treatment options follow.

Bio-impedance Analysis (BIA)

Your body composition – how tissue and fluids are distributed – relates directly to many health factors. Early detection of changes in body composition due to chronic disease encourages early intervention.

How does it work? We use BIA technology to perform a thorough analysis to measure body fat, muscle mass, intra- and extra-cellular water content.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Testing

HRV is an important indicator of heart health. Poor HRV has been linked to obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other potentially life-threatening cardiovascular diseases.

How does it work? We use the HeartQuest HRV monitor in our clinic to accurately measure your body’s many regulatory systems – in 5 minutes or less – and give a clear picture of your heart’s ability to bounce back.

Hormone Saliva Testing

Hormonal imbalance can contribute to many conditions including weight gain, depression, irritability, hot flashes, difficulty coping and bone loss. Hormone saliva testing is a non-invasive way to measure estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, DHEA and melatonin.

How does it work? We’ll guide you through the test kit prep and process; results are usually received within 14 days.

A thorough assessment is crucial to understanding where we begin together.

The assessment process is integral to functional medicine and integrative health care – in order to provide “client care” rather than “disease care”, we assess the whole person, so we can treat the whole person.

Heavy Metal Testing

We are all exposed to heavy metals. Signs and symptoms of heavy metal toxicity include behavioural and cognitive changes, anemia, depression, cancer, fatigue, hypertension, gingivitis, infertility, MS, gout, headache and irritability.

How does it work? We’ll use hair and/or urine analysis to determine your exposure to estimate your body burden of heavy metals.

Allergy and Hypersensitivity Testing

If you think you may be suffering from allergies or hypersensitivity to foods or inhalants, we can help you find out. When you have an exposure, the IgG antibodies to those allergies and sensitivities will be elevated in your bloodstream.

How does it work? We take a small blood sample to analyze IgG and/or IgA reactions to allergies and hypersensitivities and have results to discuss within 14 days.

Zonulin Testing

The level of zonulin in your blood is a good indicator of intestinal wellness. An increased zonulin level can indicate health issues including leaky gut, autoimmune disorders, Type 1 diabetes, obesity, lung disorders and mental health issues.

How does it work? We take a small blood sample from your finger. Results from offsite enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay testing are usually received with 14 days.

Diamine Oxidase (DAO) and Histamine Testing

DAO is the primary enzyme that breaks down histamine, which helps to regulate gut function. DAO/histamine testing is used to measure intestinal inflammation and can provide important information that standard food sensitivity tests may not show.

How does it work? We take a small blood sample from your finger. Results are usually received with 14 days.

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